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For a defendant to be released on a cash only bail bond in Missouri, an individual must post 100% of the amount of the bail to the court, in cash, to guarantee that they will return to court on an appointed date, and thereafter until the case is finished. Cash only bonds are set as such to be sure the defendant will appear at all of their courts dates. If the defendant appears for all of their court appearances, the cash will be returned to them within 2-3 months minus court costs or any fines and restitution incurred. However, if they fail to appear, the cash bond is forfeited to the court, never to be returned or credited.


Missouri Circuit Court judges set cash only bonds for an array of reasons. Most commonly cash only bonds are set for failure to pay a fine or restitution on a prior case or a failure to appear before the court on a scheduled appearance. For these types of cases the court orders a cash-only bond as an attempt to secure a cash fine or ensure the appearance of a defendant it may consider to be a higher than normal flight risk based on their past experiences.


In some cases a Missouri criminal attorney can have cash only bonds negotiated by the court to a surety bond to enable a bail bondsman to post the bail for 10% cash from the cosigner and/or defendant. For more information about how to switch a bond please contact your local Missouri bail bond office so we may better guide and assist you.

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